You can use our internet site to clear shipments through US Customs whether you are a Customs Broker or a company willing to clear shipments without utilizing a broker.

Benefits to Self Importer Benefits to Brokers
  • Lower your cost by not paying a broker, no server and no staff to support server
  • Greater Control
  • Integration with present system
  • Minimal hardware costs
  • Centralized data
  • Lower your cost, no server and no staff to support server
  • EDI
  • Remote Entry
  • Clients can enter data into system
  • Clients can follow status of shipments
Q. How much can you expect to save as an importer?
A. Your break-even point is about $250 per month. If your broker fees are greater than this, you will save money!

Q. How much can you expect to save as a broker?
A. Depending on your situation, your savings will reflect the fact that our software only requires a PC with an internet connection and no internal IT support.

Q. How do you know the status of your shipment?
A. You can track your shipment's status on our system from clearance across the border to the final entry.

Q. Is clearing Customs a difficult process?
A. Our system is designed for personnel trained in the traffic department. If you can fill out a commercial invoice, you have the skills necessary to use our system.

Q. What if you have a problem/question with clearance?
A. We have a web site with FAQ's and a problem/resolution file. You can call us 24 hours, 7 days a week to get answers.

Q. What if you clear U.S. Customs at multiple sites?
A. Our system is designed to clear your shipments at any Port of Entry in the U.S.

Q. How can EDI/XML help you?
A. If you are EDI/XML capable, we can create a link to pass data between our systems thus achieving a substantial productivity gain.

Q. What about paperwork requirements to clear U.S. Customs?
A. Our system can produce all the paperwork required to clear U.S. Customs. We can produce a proforma invoice, manifest and all other documents required to clear U.S. Customs.

Q. What is Remote Entry and how can it help you?
A. Remote entry is U.S. Customs' paperless system. You don't have to give U.S. Customs any paperwork at clearance or entry.

Q. What additional responsibilities do you incur with self-clearance?
A. You have to store any documents associated with these shipments in the U.S. We can provide you with a secure storage site if you require one. We will create an "electronic storage" site in the future to alleviate you of this responsibility.

Q. How do you pay the U.S. Customs duties and fees?
A. You can send them a check or pay it with an electronic withdrawal (ACH).

Q. What if you need a broker to help you with a problem?
A. We have developed a strategic partnership with a U.S. Customs Brokerage Firm to be available for consulting on a retainer or hourly basis. You should only pay a broker when you have a specific problem.

Q. What about security on the internet?
A. We are using encryption (SSL) when we are sending data over the internet. We also have firewalls to protect your data.
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